Cop shoots dog dead after raiding the WRONG house

By Oliver Tree
Last updated at 11:22 PM on 24th February 2011

Police officers raiding the wrong house shot dead the owner’s dog after it bit one of them on the leg.

Philadelphia vice officers raided house 4211 Pennsgrove Street instead of 4213 – the intended target for the raid.

The incident took place shortly before 9am this morning.

It is understood that, as they entered the house the dog, thought to be a German Shepherd, responded by biting one of the officers on the ankle, who then shot the pet four times.

The officer was taken to hospital and later released with minor injuries.

The owner of the dog, James Nelson Jnr, was not available for comment.

Speaking on his behalf, his brother said he was very distressed about what happened earlier that day.

Philadelphia Police have yet to respond.

This is the latest in a long line of incidents where police have shot dogs being kept as pets for being aggressive towards them or otherwise.