Police K9 dies in heat

BARTLESVILLE, OK – To Protect and Serve… sadly, one of their own failed to be provided with sufficient protection from the elements to survive.

Last Wednesday, a Bartlesville Police Department K9 died.

The dog, a 2 yr-old Belgian Malinois named Copper, had been with the department for just 5 months before his tragic death.

Copper lived with his handler, a Bartlesville Police officer – the man left Copper in his outdoor kennel for “a couple of hours” on Wednesday.

When the handler returned home, the dog was dead on the slab of his kennel…slab?

As in cement? In the heat of the day?

Though the Bartlesville Police Chief has stated that the dog had “some shade” and was left water, it would seem that what was provided for this young dog was woefully inadequate.

The department has indicated that they will investigate the dog’s death to “see if the dog had enough shade”.

The very statement of an investigation into this seems bitterly ironic – if there was “enough shade”, it is unlikely that Copper would be dead.

Dogs experience pain and discomfort much in the same way that you do – if you would not want to lay on a cement slab during the hottest hours of the afternoon – your dog doesn’t want to either.

Not to mention, dogs are sporting a year-round fur coat and an inability to sweat.

Temperatures in Bartlesville are well above the century mark – with humidity to add to the misery.

Please keep your dogs indoors with you.

This dog may have had some shade when his handler departed, but the sun moves, so the areas provided with shade will change, or possibly disappear altogether.

Copper will be honored in a memorial service – and his handler may face disciplinary action if the internal investigation reveals that there was not enough shade in the kennel when Copper died.

Rest in Peace Copper.

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