Michigan police officer who shot senior dog will not be charged

Cop Shoots Dog

The St. Louis, Mich. police officer who shot and killed a senior golden retriever named “Scout,” on September 9, will not face any charges for the dog’s death.

According to Saturday’s publication of CBS Detroit News, Gratiot County Prosecutor Keith Kushion found no legal reason to charge St. Louis police Officer Matt Vanhall for Scout’s death.

According to the prosecutor, Officer Vanhall was within his rights to fire his weapon because he was being “attacked.”

On the day of the shooting, Officer Vanhall fired his weapon at Scout at least seven times in the 8-year-old dog’s own yard.

Officer Vanhall defended his actions by stating that the senior golden had showed his teeth and growled at him.

According to the police report, Officer Vanhall had followed the dog to the yard after he was seen running at large.

Upon spotting the retriever inside of the yard, Officer Vanhall called for the dog to come to him – it was at that time that the officer alleges that the dog charged at him.

Following the horrific scene, a witness recounted what she saw,

“He just started shooting him, he just kept shooting him in the head,”

“I said, ‘What are you doing? He’s just a puppy!'”

Scout belonged to Brian and Hillary Goetzinger.

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