Owners Distraught Over Shooting of Dog
Kalamazoo officers responded to the 100 Block of West Dutton to search for a suspect, when they fatally shot a dog.

Lisa LaPlante FOX 17 News Reporter
12:05 p.m. EDT, April 9, 2011

Police in Kalamazoo say an officer felt threatened Friday night, when a one year old pit bull was released into a backyard at a home on West Vine Avenue around 8 p.m. The officer shot the dog four times, according to the owners, killing her.

Kalamazoo Public Safety officers were tracking a suspect in the area of West Dutton and West Vine. The officers were checking the backyard and garage of a house, when the Morris family let Dot, a one year old pitt bull dog, out, unaware of the officer’s presence. According to a police report, the dog aggressively charged one of the officers.

“We had no warning police were back there,” Tara Morris told FOX 17 News. She cringed and fought back tears as she showed the spot where Dot died from the gunshot wounds.

Tara’s husband, Charles Morris, was still reeling this morning. “She was laying here, still wagging her tail,” Charles said. He says Dot was a friendly dog who never bit anyone, and believes she was excited, not attacking the officer.

The officer told superiors that he believed the dog was going to attack, and had no choice but to fire his weapon.