By Todd Wright

A Broward dog owner was put in the pound after he allegedly got too angry that a police officer shot his pet.

Rony St. Gerard, 25, was arrested and charged with encouraging a riot after he watched a Lauderhill police officers shoot his pit bull, who was fighting with another dog, the Sun-Sentinel reported.

“Y’all shot the dog in front of my house!” St. Gerard screamed at police. “In front of my kids, man!”

Cops alleged the angry dog owner went on for about two hours, despite being warned he needed to calm down.

The officers were actually in Gerard’s neighborhood on an unrelated matter when they saw the pit bull in a fight with a Shih Tzu. When the dog looked as if it was about to charge, cops opened fire on Gerard’s pooch.

Others were angry the dog was shot right in front of the neighborhood children, but Gerard was the one who ended up muzzled in the end.

He was released from jail on $10,000 bond Friday.