Father concerned after police shoot dog near son


HOLLYWOOD, Fla. (WSVN) — The family of a dog shot by police is glad their pet survived, but the father is concerned after officers opened fire so close to his son.

The Jones’ family dog “Baxter” is recovering but can barely move after being shot several times.

Friday night, Pembroke Pines Police were called out to the Jones’ house along Southwest 171st Terrace after reports that Baxter was on the loose.

Thirteen-year-old Cameron Jones witnessed everything as police arrived. “When I got outside they said get your dog or we are going to shoot him,” said Cameron. “They gave me two seconds and shot him six times.”

The family immediately rushed Baxter to an animal hospital. “It just felt like a movie, I was so traumatized. It didn’t feel right that they shot him six times,” said Cameron.

Paul Jones, Cameron’s father, says what worries him is that the entire incident happened in front of his teenager. “My biggest concern is that six shots were fired 17-feet from my son,” he said. “Only three landed in the dog. Did the officer have my son’s safety in mind?”

Police say Baxter bit one of the officer’s ankles, forcing them to fire. But a neighbor says that story is doubtful. “I said, ‘Show me the bite marks.’ He said, ‘Well I am not going to let a dog bite the officer and then shoot.’ I said, ‘OK well then you’re changing the story,'” said the neighbor.

Cameron says he is happy his dog survived.

Paul hopes other families do not have to go through this experience, especially young family members. “I want that this doesn’t happen to another family,” he said. “My son is traumatized.”

The Pembroke Pines Police Department said they do not have a comment at this time.