A killer walks free in Louisa, Kentucky thanks to our broken system. Bill Richards is Lawrence County’s Animal Control Warden and he has been entrusted with protecting the animals in the community. Last week he proved he does nothing of the sort when he gunned down an innocent pit bull mother, shooting her between the eyes shortly after she delivered her babies.

The trigger happy Animal Control Warden “alleges” that the pit bull mama charged at him so he had to do it. Typically his story cannot be validated as the woman who initially helped the stray dog was not at home when the killing occurred. The woman who helped the stray pit bull mama said she was very sweet and loving often showering her with kisses.

After Bill Richards murdered the helpless dog this morally bankrupt “man” proceeded to take all eight puppies to Animal Control where they were promptly killed.

Why is this killer the Animal Control Warden when he clearly does not have the best interest of animals at heart?

What other animals have suffered as a result of his negligible actions?

Why is there not a proper investigation into this brutal killing?

Why were the puppies killed?